Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Pretty much the least-Kosher food ever"

Yesterday I went out to lunch with some coworkers. A favorite lunch destination is Celias Mexican Restaurant, a Bay-Area local chain (and possibly one location in Idaho?) of mid-scale Mexican family restaurants. It is a pretty good place, and I have enjoyed going there in the past. Problem is, of course, that so much of the best parts of Mexican food is built upon corn and beans and rice and other non-paleo things. Le sigh.

As I perused the menu, though, my eye caught upon a special that seemed too awesomely-bizarre to be true: shrimp, wrapped in bacon, covered in jack cheese. It also supposedly had jalapenos on top, so it sounded like Paleo Nachos (give or take the cheese). So I gave it a shot.

Result? Pretty good. Who knows what kind of oil the bacon-shrimp were fried in, but they were crispy and flavorful. The cheese was...plentiful...to say the least, and frankly I started to regret it after just a couple shrimp.

So if you find yourself at such an establishment, the dish is worth a shot, but I would recommend holding the cheese, whether you are dairy-friendly or not.

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