Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paleo in the News: Butchers and Paleo-only Restaurants

I've come across two great articles recently that I wanted to share. The first is an article from the New York Times, discussing the comeback of local butcheries and how they compare to the "services" from the grocery store meat counter. Additionally, it also discusses the many things that can be done with not only offal, but "odd" cuts of meat that you don't usually find at the grocery store.

Secondly, an interesting article from the UK Mail Online that is probably going to start making the paleo-blog rounds, since it is about what is perhaps the world's first entirely paleo-only restaurant. The place is called Sauvage and is in Berlin. The article talks more about what paleo is in general and only briefly mentions what the menu is like, but there are a few photos that look amazing.

I totally would have bet that the first paleo-specific fine dining restaurant would pop up in SF. Grats to the Germans for getting the jump on us and setting the bar!

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